In Praise of Teammates Bob Hinkle

December 13th, 2018

Life at Metrus

A team, when it’s really in sync, is a beautiful thing to behold. Whether it’s watching the Warriors weave their magic at Oracle Arena or seeing the cast of Come From Away

perform on stage, you know when you’re witnessing something special.

I grew up playing hockey in New England (which, as the NHL sadly highlights, is getting tougher to play outside each winter…). I played on some really good teams…and I also played on some pretty lousy teams. What made the good teams click was when the players’ talents complemented each other. It’s that way in business too and I am fortunate to work with a very talented and collaborative team at Metrus.

As the efficiency-as-a-service (EaaS) ecosystem continues to expand at a healthy rate, we are also fortunate to work with a terrific constellation of organizations. In the spirit of the holidays, we are grateful for our many partners who help us achieve superior results for our customers. A summary of key 2018 partners and their contributions:

Citi: A lender on several key deals in 2018, Citi is truly committed in the energy efficiency and sustainability space. They are such a believer in EaaS that they’ve done an ESA on their own buildings.

Siemens: A Metrus partner since Day One, we recently closed a project with them for our Fortune 50 customer. Among other areas, they excel in developing integrated, multi-measure projects that are tailor-made for ESAs

National Grid: We announced our first partnership with this leading utility in May. They continue to work with us to help their large commercial and industrial customers tackle deeper, more comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades.

SmartWatt: An energy optimization firm that has been our partner on all the deals with our Fortune 100 customer. We are working with this innovative company on many other new and exciting opportunities.

Eversource: A multi-state utility that played an instrumental role in helping us closing the Bristol Hospital project.

Amalgamated Bank: Our lender on Bristol Hospital and Wells College projects, they stand out from the banking crowd with their focus on community-based investments (schools and hospitals) as well as sustainability

Trane: We closed our first higher education deal with Trane and they partnered with us on the Bristol project. Their long-term relationships with customers that serve as anchors in their community is vast

Second Nature: One of our newest partners, Second Nature is committed to climate action in, and through, higher education. We look forward to providing our flexible financing solution to Second Nature’s partners

Thank You All!