Metrus Adds Another ESA with Fortune 50 Customer

December 13th, 2018

Press Release

Metrus Energy has announced a new $650,000 Efficiency Services Agreement (ESA) project with its Fortune 50 industrial customer at a new site located in the Southwest. The work will include installing a compressed air system optimization, LED lighting upgrades and HVAC and lighting controls. Metrus will work with its longtime partner Siemens on the deal. This new project will help the company eliminate up to 746 annual tons of CO2e emissions. Metrus began working with its Fortune 50 customer in 2014. With this latest transaction, four upgrade projects will be completed under the ESA program at two separate facilities totaling over $4.5 million. In total, the customers’ annual cost savings will top $700,000 and they will reduce more than 4,000 annual tons of CO2e reduction. Metrus has now financed projects in 21 different states, generating well over one billion of kWh savings for our customers.