Metrus Teams up with Second Nature

November 27th, 2018

Press Release

Metrus Energy has announced a new partnership with Second Nature, a leading non-proft organization that’s committed to climate action in, and through, higher education. As a Resource Partner, Metrus will bring a collaborative mindset to its relationships, offering flexible financing solutions to all Second Nature partners and continue to expand the overall energy efficiency market. “Metrus and Second Nature are aligned in our mutual commitment to creating a sustainable future for our planet,” said Bob Hinkle, CEO, Metrus Energy. “We’re looking forward to working closely with Second Nature and its partners. Our agnostic, easy-to-adapt implementation model can be used by a variety of different technologies and contractors and is well suited for campus-wide efficiency upgrades. “ “Second Nature is thrilled to partner with Metrus to better serve a need that is a major strategic priority for all of our institutions,” said Eric Howard, Director of Strategic Partnerships. “As a full-service developer and financer of efficiency retrofit projects, Metrus is well-suited to work with universities and colleges, and our forward-looking collaboration will help other institutions achieve energy savings while also reducing their climate impact." Metrus recently began work on its first on-campus project, an efficiency-as-a-service deal with Wells College, a leader in higher education sustainability.