We’re leading the way to a sustainable, low-carbon future.

Metrus removes the financial barriers to energy efficiency and clean energy projects and brings them to life for you.

Committed to making a real difference.

$200 million
commitment to energy efficiency financing as a part of the America Is All In initiative
$175 million
commitment to energy efficiency financing for the DOE’s Better Buildings Challenge

Since 2009, Metrus has thrived at the intersection of innovation and trusted industry leadership. We pioneered a path to cleaner, more cost-efficient buildings by removing financial hurdles with the industry’s first efficiency-as-a-service model, a true pay-for-performance solution.

By valuing efficiency as a resource and enabling our partners to harness it, we’ve helped build the Sustainable Energy as a Service industry, which is now serving every market sector and region. Metrus continues to innovate and evolve its services to accelerate progress toward a low-carbon future.

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