Pioneering Sustainable Energy as a Service.

Sustainable Energy as a Service (SEaaS) is the gold standard for developing and financing pay-for-performance sustainable energy projects. Our solution integrates energy savings, project finance, and environmental reporting to ensure that your sustainable energy projects really deliver. With Metrus, you can keep your focus — and your finances — centered on your core business.

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SESA Sustainable Energy Services Agreement

The Metrus SESA is an innovative pay-for-performance solution that provides complete financing for your sustainable energy projects, including ongoing maintenance and monitoring. Your project payments reflect measured savings and are set at or below your existing utility rate, making it a truly off-balance sheet solution to get facility upgrades done and meet sustainability goals.

We adapt every energy-efficiency retrofit and renewable energy project to meet your needs, bundling efficiency and clean energy measures for deeper savings at a single facility or across a nationwide portfolio. From high-efficiency HVAC systems to solar panels and EV charging, our innovative SESA solution offers a flexible way to improve operations and save money by consolidating upgrades into one simplified contract.

Metrus helps its customers at every stage of a project’s life cycle.


Identify efficiency and renewable energy upgrades
Design project scope
Structure financing solution


Fund 100% of project costs
Own project assets
Monetize available incentives


Measure performance and savings
Cover ongoing maintenance costs
Identify new savings opportunities

Calculator Sustainable Energy Savings Calculator

Metrus bundles comprehensive facility improvements in a single contract to maximize your savings — with zero upfront costs. The Sustainable Energy Services Agreement (SESA) is the catalyst for greener, more cost-efficient buildings through comprehensive energy efficiency retrofits and renewable energy upgrades.

Green facilities are better for the people working in them and better for your bottom line. Reduce your carbon footprint by thousands of metric tons, all while enhancing occupants’ comfort with healthier, more comfortable surroundings.

From lighting as a service to commercial HVAC fans, select from various upgrades to see the economic and environmental impact of different efficiency measures working together. You’ll need to select other measures before Solar PV and EV charging become available.

Questions about efficient energy solutions?

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Questions about efficient energy solutions?

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