Leading by example: The Metrus Energy Impact Report

Metrus Energy Sets the Standard for Transparent Environmental Performance Reporting in Sustainable Energy Investments


At Metrus, we’re dedicated to accelerating the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable future through investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy. But it’s not enough to say we only make climate-positive investments. We must be willing to track and report on the environmental performance of our investments and do so in a manner that’s consistent with the Science-based Targets initiative. That’s why we’re including environmental performance reporting across all of our projects. By measuring both the direct and indirect reduction in carbon emissions, we’re providing our customers with an accurate and real measurement of the impact of their decarbonization efforts.

I believe reporting on CO2 reductions should be woven into any sustainable energy project investment. Climate impact reports increase accountability, standardize offerings, and shine a spotlight on the environmental and financial performance of projects for customers and the local communities within which businesses, schools, and hospitals are located and operate. Metrus’ annual impact report is a good example of how the energy-as-a-service industry can track and report on climate-related investment. The report reflects how we screen, value, and monitor our investments and how they impact our customers’ sustainability goals.

This type of reporting can also serve to accelerate the scale and scope of project implementation that can combat climate change and attract the required additional private investment to upgrade and green our country’s buildings and infrastructure. To see how we’re leading the way, download a copy of our report at https://metrusenergy.com/2021impactreport/.