Metrus Completes $1.78 million ESA Project with Queens University of Charlotte

July 22nd, 2020

Press Release

Metrus Energy has announced the completion of a $1.78 million project with Queens University of Charlotte. Improvements to the North Carolina-based university include new chillers, LED lighting, water-efficiency measures, and an updated building management system.

Metrus’ Efficiency Services Agreement (ESA) enabled Queens to successfully address a range of issues including energy costs, sustainability, and the comfort and quality of the campus environment—without adversely impacting its balance sheet.

“It was exciting to watch the transformation of our campus with the installation of state-of-the-art equipment that will increase our efficiency and resiliency ” said Troy Luttman, campus architect at Queens. “More than just savings, these upgrades reflect our values as a school and a community, and our belief in a sustainable energy future."

Metrus implemented upgrades in 25 campus buildings, with Centrica providing engineering, construction, and ongoing measurement and verification services. Under the 15-year ESA term, the project will net Queens an expected annual savings of nearly $190,000 and reduce CO2 by 1,444 tons annually.