Metrus Announces We are Still In Milestone

July 29th, 2019

Press Release

Last year Metrus made a commitment to fund $100 million in energy efficiency transactions as part of the We Are Still In initiative, a coalition of more than 3,500 CEOs, mayors, governors, college presidents, and other leaders committed to climate action.

After closing its most recent deal, Metrus is now more than a quarter of the way towards its goal. Since making the pledge, Metrus has conducted a total of seven projects for four different customers, totaling more than $27 million. Metrus currently has projects in 26 states that are saving over 1.5 billion kWh resulting in the avoided emission of 1,081,275 tons of CO2.

“It’s important that as a company we look beyond individual projects and understand the broader implications of creating energy efficient buildings,” said Bob Hinkle, Metrus CEO. “That’s why we enthusiastically support We Are Still In. One hundred million, here we come!”