Energy Solutions for Commercial Buildings

Metrus Energy: Transform Your Buildings and Boost Your Business


Your business happens here, whether you build things, treat patients, teach students, ship packages, or anything else. Your buildings are home to it all. With so much work to do, it’s easy to overlook the health of your buildings and let the reliability and efficiency of key equipment fall behind. Metrus Energy knows that taking care of your buildings takes time and money – resources you’d rather spend on your business.

Metrus funds and implements comprehensive energy efficiency retrofits for your facilities. Each project is customized with proven solutions, such as solar, HVAC, lighting, and EV charging, to improve your operations while also improving your bottom line. With no upfront costs and end-to-end project services handled by Metrus, you can put your capital and your focus into what matters most – your business. It’s a flexible solution to maximize savings and achieve your sustainability goals. Let Metrus put energy efficiency to work for your facility while you take care of business.