Energy Efficiency as a Service Resources

Learn more about energy efficiency as a service by exploring the resources below. If you have specific questions we can help you with, please contact us.

EEaaS Webinar

In this one-hour webinar, Metrus Energy CEO Bob Hinkle and Guidehouse Director of Sustainability Consulting Noah Goldstein explore the advantages of energy efficiency as a service, from its impact on corporate sustainability efforts to its financial and operational benefits.

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EEaaS White Paper​

Authored by Guidehouse Research Director Casey Talon, this free white paper explores energy efficiency as a service from many angles, including the benefits it provides to stakeholders across the organization; the typical EEaaS project life cycle; and the risks of inaction.

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Q & A with Guidehouse’s Casey Talon

We asked Casey Talon to talk about some of the factors contributing to the growth of EEaaS, including the current public health environment and advancements in IoT technologies. Her insights are captured in a question-and-answer on our blog.

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