Edward Spall Joins Metrus Energy as Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

December 21st, 2023

Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO - (December 21, 2023) - Metrus Energy, a recognized leader in climate-positive investing, proudly announces the appointment of Edward Spall as its Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. With over two decades of expertise in energy services, global facilities management, and sustainability, Edward’s hiring underscores Metrus Energy’s commitment to expanding and fortifying key partnerships.

Spall, a seasoned professional with a transformative track record at Engie and as the Senior Director of the CBRE strategic partnership at Redaptive, now assumes a pivotal role in driving value creation across Metrus Energy’s extensive partner network. Focused on institutional partners, Edward aims not only to boost revenue but also unlock additional value within their customer base through strategic collaboration and innovative energy solutions.

Bringing a wealth of strategic insight, Spall is positioned as a key architect in Metrus Energy’s mission to deliver cutting-edge, sustainable solutions to its partners. His approach involves aligning the company’s expertise with the unique goals of each institutional partner, tailoring solutions to meet immediate objectives and contribute to long-term value creation. Spall’s strategic vision goes beyond transactional interactions; he envisions collaborative partnerships that foster an environment where institutional partners thrive in an ever-evolving energy landscape.

Commenting on Spall’s appointment, Ed Henry, interim CEO, CFO, Metrus Energy, emphasized the strategic significance of this addition to the leadership team: “Edward’s inclusion is a testament to our commitment to not only expanding revenue streams but also creating enduring value across our partner network. His ability to blend strategic foresight with practical experience will be instrumental in shaping innovative solutions that resonate with our partners’ objectives and contribute to their long-term success.”

About Metrus Energy

Since 2009, Metrus Energy has been leading the way to a sustainable, low-carbon future by bringing energy efficiency and clean energy projects to life and helping organizations decarbonize faster. Metrus’ pay-for-performance model, in which customers benefit from the energy solution without having to own the equipment, launched the Energy as a Service industry. Metrus provides a comprehensive, climate-positive financing solution that pays for all upfront and ongoing project costs, enabling upgrades to aging infrastructure, improving equipment resiliency, and lowering carbon emissions without the capital expense. Metrus is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment, America Is All In, and the US Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge and Better Climate Challenge.