Delivering Efficiency as a Service: the Metrus ESA

Unlocking Energy Efficiency for a Sustainable Future: Introducing Metrus ESA


A sustainable, low-carbon energy future is something that everyone can get behind, but what often gets overlooked is that the most direct path to that future is by reducing energy consumption on-site and within your own buildings. The cheapest and cleanest kilowatt hour is the one that you don’t use. Metrus makes energy efficiency a no-risk, high-reward option. We do this through our Efficiency Services Agreement, or ESA.

Under an ESA, Metrus funds 100 percent of the upfront cost of efficiency improvements. This can include items like LED lighting, building management systems, and HVAC improvements. Once a project is complete, customers begin paying a service charge on a quarterly basis for realized savings. Metrus only gets paid when projects are saving energy, water, and money. It’s an off-balance sheet services agreement that doesn’t impact the customer’s borrowing capacity. It enables the customer to invest in their core business operations while Metrus takes care of upgrades of key equipment like HVAC chillers and lighting systems.

Since I founded Metrus 10 years ago, we’ve helped Fortune 500 firms and major colleges and hospitals save over a billion kilowatt hours of electricity and nearly a million tons of carbon dioxide. We’ve partnered with global financial institutions, leading energy service companies, and energy utilities to implement over $100 million worth of projects in 22 different states.

It’s a solution that’s good for everyone and good for the planet. Improving energy efficiency is the first step towards achieving a low-carbon energy future, and we’re trying to help as many companies as possible take that first step by removing financial obstacles to efficiency projects and by partnering with best-in-class service providers and technology firms to ensure projects are a success. If that sounds like a solution that can work for you, we’d love to have a conversation.