Case Study Medical Technology Client Healthcare

Metrus investment
$7.72 Million
Annual savings
$1.3 million
Annual metric tons of CO₂ saved
6,150 metric tons
Contract terms
10 years

Project Scope

  • LED lighting
  • Building management systems upgrades


This Medical Technology customer is a world leader in the growing musculoskeletal healthcare industry, with operations in more than 25 countries and partners and customers in over 100 countries. The customer is also a leader in corporate responsibility, actively integrating environmental, health, and safety (EHS) into its business processes in order to reduce pollution and protect the health of its staff, customers, and the public at large.

The Story

One of the customer’s top EHS priorities was to install energy-efficient lighting across its network of facilities to cut energy use. But how does a company with such a large global footprint implement a coordinated effort to reduce its site-level carbon footprint? The answer: By partnering with an agile company that specializes in financing and managing the rollout of a multi-site energy-efficiency program.

Metrus Energy emerged as the perfect partner to help the customer achieve its goals and maintain its focus on its core business. Because the sites, spread across three states, fell within different business units with separate P&Ls, one of the project’s requirements was a flexible solution that accommodated that separation. Metrus’ Sustainable Energy Services Agreement (SESA) is unique among financing vehicles in the flexibility it provides: not only could the agreement be structured to allow for separate billing to different business units located in different states, but the SESA also afforded the flexibility of an open platform whereby the mix of efficiency equipment and technologies could be customized to the needs of their facilities.

Under a SESA, Metrus provides ongoing monitoring and measurement of savings. This has facilitated the customer’s ability to demonstrate its compliance with corporate EHS policies, as well as to report its performance to CDP, a global environmental disclosure system.

This Medical Technology customer is committed to improving quality of life for everyone. Metrus shares this passion. Its SESA is designed to remove the barriers to making facility improvements that will have a positive impact on sustainability with no up-front cost.

The Upshot

To date, this Medical Technology customer has entered into three separate Efficiency Services Agreements with Metrus, totaling more than $7.7 million in lighting and building management system upgrades. Annually, the improvements are saving over $1.3 million by avoiding over 11 million kWh of electricity consumption. As a result, this customer is generating 6,150 fewer metric tons of carbon each year. The numbers are impressive and reflect what’s possible when partners are mutually committed to making positive changes – and backed by a flexible agreement that makes it possible.

Project Scope

  • LED lighting
  • Building management systems upgrades

Project Partners

  • Centrica Business Solutions
  • Key Bank

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