Why Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency eliminates waste and improves your bottom line. It enables key facility upgrades to happen now which enhances the operational efficiency of your business and improves  the comfort of your employees or building occupants. It’s the cornerstone of any sustainability plan and a driver of economic benefits on both a local and national scale. With Metrus’ financing solutions and expertise, you can achieve these benefits with no capital outlay and minimal investment of in-house resources.

Metrus Delivers Sustainability Improvements. Our Projects:

  • Deliver the fastest and lowest cost route to reducing your carbon footprint
  • Provide a scalable solution to finance sustainability projects across your entire portfolio
  • Reduce waste and immediately mitigating the environmental impact of your business

Metrus Generates Economic Benefits. Our Projects:

  • Conserve capital for investment in your core business
  • Save money by reducing your current energy spend
  • Capture non-energy savings associated with avoided maintenance and water usage
  • Increase property values for your building

Metrus Provides Operational Gains. Our Projects:

  • Replace aging infrastructure in your facility with new, high efficiency equipment and systems
  • Ensure long-term reliability of your key equipment with robust maintenance programs
  • Include ongoing monitoring services that maximize your efficiency improvements post installation
  • Improve the health, safety and productivity of your employees

Learn more about Metrus’ approach to delivering these benefits from your efficiency project.