What We Do

Our services span the following key areas:

Metrus develops and finances large-scale energy efficiency projects. We offer end-to-end services covering everything from project development to no-first cost financing solutions that save you money. We find the energy savings within your facilities and put our own capital to work to make your project happen.


Development – Metrus makes energy efficiency less complex.  We identify efficiency upgrades and provide tailored financing solutions.  We understand that each project is different and each facility has unique needs. Metrus sources the best installation partners and technologies to develop projects that deliver deep energy savings.


Financing – Metrus eliminates upfront costs and offers a smarter way to pay for energy efficiency. We pay for all project construction costs and ongoing operating expenses. You only pay for verified savings by redirecting a portion of your existing utility spending. We fund your critical facility improvements allowing you to preserve your capital funds for investments in core operations.
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Operations – Metrus stays engaged and helps green your facilities. Metrus identifies, funds and implements new opportunities for savings as they emerge. We can roll-out programmatic energy efficiency upgrades across your operations, whether they are in one facility or across your entire building portfolio.