Happy Earth Day – 100,000 Negawatt Promotion

At Metrus, we develop and finance projects that enable energy efficiency to become a resource for our customers; in other words, we create negawatts. While many building owners and facilities managers understand that the cheapest kilowatt hour is the one you don’t consume, most energy efficiency projects leave a lot of energy savings on the table. To help our customers and partners identify the best financing vehicle to get more negawatts out of their projects, Metrus has created an infographic: Which Financing Vehicle Gets You on the Road to Energy Efficiency.

Check it out, pass it along, and, attend a free introductory customer webinar on our Efficiency Service Agreement (ESA) on either May 9th or May 15th.

Register by 5pm PST on Friday, 4/26, and you may get 100,000 negawatts off your first project in 2013!

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